Monday, 12 March 2012

Not The Only One - Love Poem

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Love Poems For Husband

You may want to surprise your husband or lover by coming out with some love poems for him. There are many creative ideas on how you could present it to him. First of all, you could spend some time to write it out. You can think back of some memorable times you and him have shared. Then you could try writing out a poem that speaks of your love for him.
I look at all you have accomplished
In such a short amount of time
I am so proud of you
Glad that you are mine
Things in life are hard right now
You say I shouldn't worry
I love the way you make me laugh
When I am feeling discouraged
No matter what people say or think
I love you to death
You make me complete
I will stand by you
through thick and thin
You are not only my husband, but my friend.

cvgThe eyes that make mine lower
A laughter that gets lost in his mouth
There is the portrait without re-touching
Of the man which I belong to
When he takes me in his arms,
He murmurs to me softly
I see life in rose
He tells me words of love
The words of every day
And that made me something
He entered in my heart a part of happiness
Of which I know the cause
It is he for me, me for him, in life
He told me so, swore it, for life
And as soon as I see him,
I feel within me
My heart beating

You could also present your love poems for him on some special days. Events like wedding anniversary, first time both of you met and birthday will be a good time for you to pen and give these own writings of yours. The poems could go together with the gift that you plan to give to him. He will surely appreciate your heartfelt work and love for him.